8 Simple Swaps for a zero-waste bathroom

Eco-friendly alternatives for your bathroom

Your bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, but it can be very wasteful and is definitely a big source of plastic. It is said that the average woman puts on at least 10 – 12 products in the morning, and that is without mentioning all the other products in our vanities or in the shower that we never really use.

We have created this list of 8 simple swaps to help reduce the waste in your bathroom, providing you with eco-friendly alternatives and in return, help save our planet.

1. One-in-one out rule
Try to finish all the products you currently have in your bathroom before you go out and buy new products. We sometimes run to the shops when we are low on one product and end up buying a basket full of things we don’t really need. You all know what shopping trips I’m referring to…  We recommend making sure you buy what you actually need and use what you bring home.

2. Listen up bud
Plastic cotton buds are the number one item of plastic, sewage-related remains found on our beaches and rivers, according to the last year’s Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean. Swap those plastic cotton buds for an eco-friendly alternative – biodegradable, bamboo cotton buds.

3. Brushes and combs
Chances are you have a plastic hair brush or comb, so when it is time to replace those, do go for a wooden one, it is better for our planet and has a few advantages. It is said that wooden brushes are very relaxing, therefore can help lower stress levels and the wood bristles distribute your scalps natural oils through your hair helping to keep your hair conditioned and soft. Win, win!

4. Soap on a rope
Swap your shower gel bottle for a bar of soap or soap on a rope. The quality of plastic degrades each time it’s recycled, until it reaches a point where it’s no longer recyclable.  The end of the line for all plastics is landfill or the ocean, which releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, so it’s best to opt for alternatives when we can. And I’m convinced a bar of soap is the more affordable option.

5. Toothbrush
Did you know that it is very possible that every plastic toothbrush you have ever owned still exists somewhere on a landfill or has even found its way into the ocean?

Why not swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush? Bamboo is a quick-growing, renewable resource that is also biodegradable. Bamboo toothbrushes perform just like plastic ones, but can be composted when they’re worn out (it’s recommended you replace them every three months).

6. Toothpaste
It is said that most municipal recycling services won’t accept toothpaste tubes as they aren’t recyclable, unless you’re using a special service. I’ve also never understood why toothpaste need a plastic tube and a box, that is double packaging. So, for those two reasons, this swap makes sense, swap your toothpaste for toothpaste or tablets that comes in a recyclable container like a glass jar or metal tube.

7. Shave it off
Why not swap you plastic razor for a safety razor? Just like every toothbrush you’ve ever owned, every disposable razor or cartridge you’ve ever used is still out there somewhere. Safety razors are a beautiful, zero waste alternative.  They take standard double edged metal feather blades, which are fully recyclable, and the razor itself will last you a lifetime.

8. Lotion
After doing some research on swapping your big plastic bottle of lotion for something more eco-friendly, I found this easy recipe from Going Zero Waste, to make your own lotion. This lotion can be stored in a glass jar and could be a great weekend project for the family. According to the creator of this recipe, it is easy to use and works wonderfully.

Lotion recipe:


  • 2 Tablespoons of Grated Beeswax
  • 1/2 Cup of Sweet Almond Oil*
  • 2 Tablespoons of Vitamin E Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons of Cocoa Butter
  • 3/4 Cup of Water

*You can sub the almond oil for olive oil. They have similar absorption rates.

We are not advocating throwing out perfectly good toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel or razors. Please finish what you have first, before you replace it with more eco-friendly alternatives. When the time comes to full up on bathroom lotions, or replace old, used items, you’ll be better equipped to make sustainable, eco-friendly buying choices.

You can also visit our Eco-friendly Bathroom Pinterest Board for more tips, ideas and recipes HERE.

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