10 Easy Decorating Tricks and Tips For Renters That Won’t Hurt Your Deposit

As a renter, you might be struggling to create a space that is truly your own while ensuring the security deposit is waiting for your when you move out. Rather than risking your deposit or breaking your lease agreement, you might be settling to live around the things that inconvenience you. You might argue, if you are renting your home, you don’t want to invest in expensive decor items or furniture you can’t take with you when you leave, but you still want to create a gorgeous, cosy, homely space to live in.

So we’ve rounded up these 10 easy, budget-friendly tricks and tips all renters need to know in order to make a rental a home:

1. Pinterest
Opening a Pinterest account is FREE. You will have the world of decor ideas at your finger tips. You can create your own boards for rooms and pin all your ideas before you start decorating your home. YoHome also has a Pinterest account which you can follow for inspiration.

2. Curtains
One of the easiest fixes are curtains and you can take it with you when you leave. This is where I would keep it neutral. Neutral curtains create a polished look and it is likely to find a place in your next home.

3. Rugs
Large rugs cover floors and also creates the illusion of a larger space. It is a nice way to personalise, warm-up a room and cover flooring that you might not like as much. You can use any rug that fits your budget, but again, neutral carpets for example jute rugs go with anything and are not too expensive.

4. Storage
You can get creative with storage inspiration like bar carts, rolling kitchen islands and ottomans. These objects do not only look great but offer you more storage space.

5. Furniture
Try to customise your furniture to fit in with the look and feel of your home. You can paint cabinets or change door knobs. Poetry stores have a wide variety of gorgeous doorknobs.

6. Art Prints
You can add art prints to your walls to personalise your home without breaking the bank. It is easy to find printable line art you like on sites like Etsy and frames from Mr Price Home or Builders Warehouse.

7. Lights
An inexpensive way to make your home look cosy is lighting. You can add lights to change the mood of every room and make a statement.


8. Books and Accessories as Décor
Using books and decor is a fun and inexpensive way to add colour and style to your home. These items are easy to move around in your home and you can re-use it in your future home.

9. Plants
In home decoration, the green plants are especially loved by everyone. Plants don’t only look great in your house, they create a calm effect, filter the air in your home, and absorb dust and household chemicals. To keep a few in your home will improve the quality of the air you breathe.

10. Baskets and blankets
Baskets are a great way to store decorative yet functional throws and blankets. They are still being used for decor, but they are out of your way and aren’t cluttery and are still easily accessible to use.