YoHome provides individuals the opportunity to live or invest in an environment that
redefines city living.

We identify prime city development opportunities, design and build excellent properties and amenities in a cost-effective, environmentally aware manner.

We believe that by providing an exceptional product of value and quality, our clients never have to compromise on the fundamental aspects of owning or renting a property. We ensure our clients the best possible return on investment in the competitive market, while receiving memorable customer service.

African View, Blue Hills Now Selling!!

Our Mission

Our mission is “City Living Redefined”.

We aim to do this by developing green living lifestyle spaces where people can live, relax and play in a safe environment. Through great design and exceptional customer service, we strive to provide an enhanced life.

YoHome will become, the most trusted provider of quality living, innovative designs and modern environmentally friendly developments of exceptional value in Africa.

Housing 30 000 families annually by 2029.

Our Process


YoHome has brought the number one method of residential construction in Latin America to Africa. Our construction method is three times quicker than traditional building methods and three times stronger than brick.


We have developed a unique online training platform, called YoHome University which allows us to train local people to develop the skills necessary to build a YoHome under supervision of YoHome management.


Our vision is to design exceptional properties with the customer in mind. We design and build excellent, unique living spaces and amenities because we believe by providing an exceptional product of value and quality, that our customers don’t have to compromise on style and quality.


At YoHome learning, development and our staff are fundamental to our success. Within the YoHome University, employees can see what courses and learning activities they need to undertake in order to progress to the next level in their careers.


We believe that community and a sense of belonging is fundamental to the creation of integrated and successful living spaces. All our developments are designed to create exceptional recreational facilities, green spaces and amenities.


We understand the need for the customer to protect their investment. To deliver on this, we are committed to deliver homes of exceptional quality, value and durability.